Chris Grieve

Executive Director, Meridian Prime Ltd & EDGE Certified Foundation

Chris Grieve is the Executive Director and founder of the consulting company Meridian Prime. She is also the Executive Director of EDGE Certified Foundation: a Swiss-based global certification scheme dedicated to closing the gender gap in the workplace, in Fortune 500 companies. She has 12 years of expertise in the development and scaling-up of voluntary social and environmental global standards and certification systems and over 24 years of experience in fisheries management and policymaking from local to global levels. Chris has years of experience in fundraising from private and corporate foundations, government agencies, high net worth individuals and research grant-making bodies. Chris has held leadership positions in the sustainability, research and public sectors. She was a founding Trustee and Vice Chair of the ISEAL Alliance, a global sustainability standards organization, and a member of two Australian natural resource management public boards. Chris has a post-graduate qualification in Applied Science (Fisheries Management) and an MSc in People & Organizational Development from the University of Sussex.