Isatou Jack, PhD

Director, Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems, International Relief and Development

Dr. Isatou Jack has over 25 years of experience working with smallholder farmers, particularly women, to develop market-oriented agriculture systems and increase organizational capacity through farmer organizations. Isatou's tenure in the agricultural development field has included working at the government, NGO, and private sector levels. This background has influenced her continuous interest in creating partnerships among diverse stakeholders as a mechanism to increase agricultural productivity and profitability. Dr. Jack currently serves as the Director of International Relief and Development's (IRD) Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems sector, where she oversees programs on three continents. Isatou received her Masters and Doctoral degrees in International Agriculture and Adult Education, respectively, from Cornell University and her Bachelors degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Florida. Served as a member of Board of Directors from 2010-2012.