Jacqueline Ashby, PhD

Senior Advisor in Gender, CIAT CGIAR

Dr. Ashby is a development sociologist, researcher, teacher and senior manager with international development experience in social change, technology development and poverty reduction in agricultural and food systems. She is currently employed at the International Potato Research Center (CIP) as a part of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Previously, Dr. Ashby worked as a consultant to the World Bank on the Gender and Agriculture Sourcebook. She is also responsible for launching, conducting fundraising for and coordinating the Participatory Research and Gender Analysis (PGRA) Program through CGIAR. Dr. Ashby provided leadership in the development of recommendations to the International Center for Tropical Agriculture's (CIAT) Gender Analysis Working Group and has lectured widely on gender integration in agricultural institutions. Her experience in formulating program strategy for donor relations, partnership, and mainstreaming novel approaches into core research areas of the CGIAR system will help her contribute invaluable perspective to the WOCAN Board. Dr. Ashby received her PhD from Cornell University. Served as a member of Board of Directors from 2010-2012.