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Anti-corruption Program

The anti-corruption program is an integrated part of the overall governance system of WOCAN.


The Executive Director of WOCAN is responsible for monitoring the overall compliance with the anti-corruption program. The WOCAN Core Associates/Project Coordinators are responsible for monitoring compliance with the anti-corruption program in their respective organizations.

Advisory and complaints channels

All suspicions of economical frauds, bribery and corruption and should immediately be reported as stated in WOCAN’s Whistleblower policy. WOCAN maintains a whistleblower policy to encourage its board members, staff (paid and volunteer) and others to report suspected or actual occurrence (s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events (behaviors or practices) without retribution. The anonymity of the whistleblower shall be respected.

Communication and training

The anti-corruption program and whistle blower policy is communicated to employees orally and in writing when assignments are made. The anti-corruption policy statement and program will be available on

Project contracts

No WOCAN projects shall be executed unless a contract is signed by both WOCAN and the implementing partner.

Tender processes

As per WOCAN’s Procurement Policy, special attention shall be given to major purchases. In case of purchases of value above USD 10,000 a formal tender process should be performed as described in WOCAN’s Procurement Handbook. In case of purchases of value in the interval 1000 – 10,000 USD a less comprehensive process can be used, for instance receiving two or more price bids from suppliers via telephone, mail or the internet.

External audits and audit agreements

For all audits, the International Standard of Auditing shall be followed. All projects shall be audited no later than six months after project termination. The overall WOCAN operation will in addition be audited in connection with the annual audit of WOCAN. For smaller private projects the audit will be included in the annual audit of WOCAN.

Review of financial management and accounting procedures

The Executive Director of WOCAN or her representative shall annually review the financial management and accounting procedures of all partners in field. The annual review shall be documented and made available for the WOCAN Board of Directors and auditor.

Consequences of violation

All forms of corruption will result in immediate investigation and possibly suspension. Personnel found guilty of bribery will be made known to all other employees for preventive purposes.

External communication

All incidences of corruption or suspected corruption shall result in a report stating the severity and scope of the issue and actions taken thereafter. All reports shall be sent to the Executive Director, and a summary of reports shall be made available on request.