EVPA 2017 Annual Conference “Guiding Lights”

November 9, 2017

This year, EVPA Annual Conference took place in Oslo on 9-10 Nov.  The agenda included for the first time two sessions on gender lens investing. Maria Lee, WOCAN Assistant Director presented the W+ Standard in both sessions and explained how it could be used to measure investment’s impact on women’s empowerment and to unveil opportunities to enhance social and financial results. Other initiatives were presented with Suzanne Biegel (Spring Accelerator), Ingrid Stange (Partnership for Change), Alice Steinbrueck, (Vodafone Institute Accelerator for Female Empowerment), Beatrice Delperdange (KOIS INVEST), Leslie Johnston (C&A Foundation) and others.

In addition, a very interesting EVPA report was launched during the conference, titled “Financing for Social Impact | The Key Role of Tailored Financing and Hybrid Finance”. The report provides an overview of how to tailor the financial instruments to the needs of social purpose organizations/social enterprises.