Gender Integration in REDD+, Green Climate Finance

July 28, 2017

Jeannette and Haddy Sey, Senior Social Development Specialist for the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF World Bank), coordinating social inclusion and sustainability in REDD+ in East Asia and the Pacific, joined 16 staff of the the Green Climate Fund in Songdo, Korea to share experiences on Gender Integration in REDD+ on Friday, July 28. Juan Chang, Senior Forest and Land Use Specialist of the GCF, hosted the event.

Jeannette and Haddy shared the experience of their collaboration to assess gender and prepare an action plan for the Results Based Emission Reduction program of the FCPF activities in Nepal, currently under design and the use of the W+ Standard to measure and quantify women’s empowerment results within climate mitigation and adaptation projects. Staff were interested in ways in which carbon projects could differentiate their carbon units through co-certification with the W+ to demonstrate both environment and social impacts simultaneously.