The Second Public Comment Period for The W+ Standard Version 1.3 is Now Open

June 22, 2017

The second public comment period for The W+ Standard Version 1.3 is now open. Here is the document: W+ Standard Draft for 2nd Public Comment

Public comment will be accepted on the draft revised W+ Standard Version 1.3 until Monday, 24 July 2017.  Comments and questions should be sent to:

The draft W+ Standard reflecting input from the first round of public comment has been posted here: W+ Standard: Reflecting comments received in the first round of public comments.

A record of all comments received, with responses to comments, is also available here: First round of public comments and responses to comments. We acknowledge and thank the stakeholders who commented in the first public comment period. 

Comments from the second round of public comment will also be collected and posted on the W+ website.