The Social Enterprise World Forum 2017

September 27, 2017

Jeannette presented the W+ Standard at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 from 27-29 September in Christchurch, New Zealand. She was the speaker in two panels which focused on ‘Social enterprise fostering inclusion and equality’ and ‘ Impact measurement and impact modelling’. 

The inclusion and equality panel showcased the work of social entrepreneurs whose mission is to fight social and economic exclusion and restore dignity for those who have been marginalised. Exploring the intrinsic benefits of social enterprise as a tool to foster or restore inclusion and equality in a way other interventions can't. The main question discussed were - How does social enterprise effectively build more equal, more inclusive and fairer societies?  And What are the benefits but also the challenges associated with having a longer-term, more holistic and more systemic approach to creating change

Impact measurement and impact modelling workshop presented and discussed a range of tools to model impact. The objective of the workshop was to help plan the interventions, identify areas where business model may need to work harder, qualify and quantify your impact, get better at telling the story of your impact, and therefore be in a better place to attract social investment.