Climate Change

Gender and Climate Change in Uganda: Effects of Policy and Institutional Frameworks

In order to obtain an enriched understanding of the framing of gender issues in climate change related policies in Uganda and to explore its impacts on climate change adaptation at grassroots, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) analyzed the influence of current policy and institutional frameworks on gender and climate issues.

The Knowledge and Skills Needed to Engage in REDD+: A Competencies Framework

"There is an increasing need and demand for more information to support engagement in REDD+ among all stakeholder groups. Although the information and guidance related to REDD+ has expanded as awareness and research has ramped up, there are still limited resources that present an overview of the skills and expertise required for a range of REDD+ issues.

Community Resilience at Scale: Grassroots Women Demonstrating Successful Practices

“Community Resilience at Scale: Grassroots Women Demonstrating Successful Practices” showcases four resilience-building practices designed and implemented by grassroots women in Kenya, Nicaragua, Honduras, and India through GROOTS Kenya, Unión de Cooperativas de Mujeres Las Brumas, Wagucha and Swayam Shikshan Prayog.

Climate Justice and Women’s Rights: A Guide to Supporting Grassroots Women’s Action

In August 2014, nearly 100 grassroots leaders and representatives from environmental and women’s funds gathered for an international Summit on Women and Climate Change, hosted by Global Greengrants Fund, the  International Network of Women’s Funds and the Alliance of Funds.

Promoting Productive Gendered Spaces for Adapting to Climatic Stress: Two case studies from rural Bangladesh.

This policy brief highlights how sensitivity to access to specific assets and constraints experienced by women (in particular local contexts) can help realize their potential of becoming important actors in adapting local food production to climatic stress.


VIDEO: Missing: The forgotten women in India’s climate plans

This film directed by Krishnendu Bose and commissioned by CDKN, follows rural Indian women in their daily fight against climate change impacts. It shows how resourceful these women are in a context of high constraints and poverty. Supporting their local initiatives with adequate policies and laws could be a significant game changer in the way India manages to tackle climate change.