Natural Resources Management

Integrating Gender into Forestry Research: A guide for CIFOR scientists and programme administrators

How do we integrate gender analysis into forestry research? Where do we start? What challenges are we going to face? What skills are required to conduct gender analysis? What methods are appropriate? What do we do with the data we collect? The answers to these questions often feel elusive. However many of them are within our reach. If you are a CIFOR scientist, partner or other researchers curious about what it means to conduct gender-responsive forestry research this guide is for you.

Forests and Climate Change Working Paper 10: Forest Management and Climate Change: a literature review

FAO released a working paper summarizing knowledge and experiences in forest management as a response to climate change, based on a literature review and a survey of forest managers. The document discusses key climate change impacts on forest ecosystems and their challenges as well as opportunities for forest management. It also examines the options for sustainable forestry management as mitigation and adaptation measures.

TFD Co-Chairs’ Summary Report: Scoping Dialogue on the Exclusion & Inclusion of Women in Forest Sector

This is a summary report for the Scoping Dialogue on the Exclusion and Inclusion of Women in the Forest Sector in Kathmandu, Nepal, held on Sept 22-24, 2012, organized by WOCAN in partnership with The Forests Dialogue (TFD). This summary report highlights various reasons for exclusion of women in the forestry sector, identified by the participants of the dialogue and recommends actions that could lead to increased inclusion of women.