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Policy Papers

FINDINGS AND LESSONS LEARNED: Barriers and Entry Points for Women’s Inclusion in REDD+ in Asia-Pacific

This policy brief highlights specific challenges that prevent the inclusion of women and gender perspectives in the forest sector and REDD+, it also presents relevant good practices of women’s inclusion in forest and other land use sectors and presented specific recommendations for policy interventions. Good policies alone are not sufficient to achieve results.

Breaking the rural poverty cycle: Getting girls and boys out of work and into school

The policy options detailed in this policy brief include improving the conditions of child laborers, integrating child labor regulations into local policy, and the need for rural schools to be amenable and accessible to the limitations of children laborers. (The QED Group LLC)

Gender and Employment Policy Briefs Overview

Rural employment is currently the subject of considerable discussion in international policy circles, particularly in the context of the global financial and food crises, as it could play a very powerful role in reducing poverty worldwide, thereby contributing to meeting the Millennium Development Goals. FAO. (The QED Group LLC)