Poverty Reduction

Policy Brief: Financing for Agriculture: How to boost opportunities in developing countries

This policy brief explores the financial needs of agriculture in developing countries and the instruments available to address these needs. It examines the challenges in obtaining financing for agricultural investments, the role of different actors, and the options for governments to enhance the legal and policy environment of the financial system to support agricultural development.

2015 The State of Food Insecurity in the World

This year´s annual State of Food Insecurity in the World report takes stock of progress made towards achieving the internationally established Millennium Development Goal (MDG1) and World Food Summit hunger targets and reflects on what needs to be done, as we transition to the new post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda. The report reviews progress made since 1990 for every country and region as well as for the world as a whole. 

Asia at a Crossroads- Why the region must address inequality now

Rising inequality poses a dire threat to continued prosperity in Asia, where an estimated 500 million people remain trapped in extreme poverty, most of them women and girls. The huge gap between rich and poor hinders economic growth, undermines democratic institutions and can trigger conflict. A determined effort to combat discrimination, combined with improved policies on taxation and social spending, is needed now if the region is to secure a stable and prosperous future. 

Gendered Impacts of Commercial Pressures on Land

Across Africa, Latin America and Asia, land is a key productive and reproductive resource for the vast majority of rural women. Yet in the present global context of increasing pressures, women are both likely to be affected differently to men by large-scale land deals and also disproportionately more likely to be negatively affected than men because they are generally vulnerable as a group.

Breaking the rural poverty cycle: Getting girls and boys out of work and into school

The policy options detailed in this policy brief include improving the conditions of child laborers, integrating child labor regulations into local policy, and the need for rural schools to be amenable and accessible to the limitations of children laborers. (The QED Group LLC)

Making migration work for women and men in rural labour markets

The report details how migration disproportionately affects women due to the shift of burdens when men migrate to cities for work. It also discusses the role of remittances and the challenges of gender discrimination that women migrants face. (The QED Group LLC)