W+ Standard

Impact Investing in Sustainable Food and Agriculture across Asset Classes

This paper provides a framework for impact investors as they consider how to invest in issues related to food and agriculture across asset classes, including public equities, fixed income, venture capital, and real assets. By identifying these opportunities for investment, investors can maximize the potential for positive impact and portfolio returns.

Author: Kristin Lang, Joshua Humphreys, and Andreea Rodinciuc 

Source: Croatan Institute

W+ Feasibility Assessment for ICS Programme of SNV Lao PDR

The following assessment was conducted to validate the level of viability of the W+ Standard in the context of the ICS Programme in Lao PDR. The W+ Standard is a certification label that endorses projects that create increased social and economic benefits for women participating in economic or environmental projects. Women’s empowerment is measured through six Domains of the W+ framework: Income, Time, Health, Leadership, Education/Knowledge, Income/Assets, and Food Security.