Women's Leadership

Close the gap! The cost of inequality in women’s work

The report highlights the massive injustice suffered by working women in developing countries and shows how the global economic system relies on women's paid and unpaid work. In economic terms, ActionAid estimates that in developing countries cost to women of inequalities in pay and access to jobs is a staggering US$9 trillion each year.

Rural Women’s Leadership Programme Madagascar, Nepal, the Philippines and Senegal Good practices and lessons learned (2010-2013)

This report brings together the main lessons from the Rural Women’s Leadership Programme (RWLP), implemented by the Policy and Technical Advisory Division of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), with support from the Government of Norway and insights from the Farmers’ Forum in 2010 and 2012. The programme was implemented in Madagascar, Nepal, the Philippines and Senegal.

Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights: An Oxfam guide

The guide explores what distinguishes transformative leadership from other forms of leadership, and how change differs from transformation. It also explains why transformative leadership is important for Oxfam, and what we are trying to achieve by promoting it. By exploring what transformative leadership for women’s rights means in practice, this guide demonstrates how we can apply it in our programmes and our organizations.