Gender and Climate Finance

This UNDP policy brief presents argument that gender-responsive climate finance is more effective and Climate finance could catalyse women’s empowerment. It also addressing the ‘implementation gap’ – towards a meaningful gender mainstreaming in climate funds. The brief recommends that: 

  • Climate finance funds and mechanisms must be attuned to the needs of and involve the most vulnerable groups of society, including poor women and men.
  • Needs and priorities of the poor and marginalized segments of society (including women), should become a priority in approving investments on climate change. 
  • Engage with the broader family of existing climate finance frameworks, networks, and instruments to ensure more meaningful integration of gender perspectives in their governance and processes.
  • Make good use of national-level climate finance tools, such as national climate funds (NCF) and climate finance readiness strategies, which help countries manage, coordinate, implement and account for international and domestic climate finance

Author: Senay Habtezion

Source: UNDP

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