Gender Integration in REDD+ and ERPD in Nepal- Assessment Report & Gender Action Plan

From January through May, 2017, WOCAN was contracted by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility of the World Bank to conduct a gender assessment at the district and community level within the Emissions Reduction Program area to provide baseline information on the various social, economic and political conditions that women face in the forest sector, and to
identify opportunities and real benefits that could be possible through REDD+ interventions. In order to guide effective integration of gender within the forest sector, WOCAN included an assessment of the relevant forest agencies as well. The assessment is complemented by an Action Plan that identifies a roadmap of activities based on the findings of the assessment to help to make the REDD+ ER program and strategies more gender responsive and assure women can obtain real benefits. The assessment also contributes to SESA and ESMF implementation.

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