A Gender-responsive Approach to Climate-Smart Agriculture

The aim of this brief is to explain how to take into account the gender gap in agriculture in the development of site-specific CSA-sensitive practices, such as those described in other briefs in this series, through the adoption of a gender-responsive approach. This approach means that the 

  • particular needs, priorities, and realities of men and women need to be recognized and adequately addressed in the design and application of CSA so that both men and women can equally benefit.
  • as changes in agriculture are pursued in response to a changing climate, there needs to be a consideration of ongoing socio-economic changes.
  • Lastly, a gender-responsive approach means that the monitoring and assessment of CSA needs to include gender-sensitive indicators which help track progress in closing the gender gap in agriculture1

Source: GACSA Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture

Authors: Sibyl Nelson and Sophia Huyer

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