Mobilising Women Farmers to Secure Land Rights in Uttar Pradesh

To improve access to land and resources for women farmers in Uttar Pradesh (UP), one of its focus states, Oxfam India conducted a study along with Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) in 2006.The study aimed to understand whether government schemes actually reached and benefitted women farmers. The study showed only 6 per cent women owned land, 2 per cent had access to credit and only 1 per cent had access to agriculture trainings. It also revealed that the women who owned land were either widows (81 per cent) or a single child (19 per cent). A need was thus felt to assert rights and demand justice for women farmers’ in the state. This was the beginning of AAROH Campaign, a women farmers’ campaign, in 2006. The AAROH Campaign is supported by Oxfam India, and led by GEAG in coordination with four other regional not-for-profits. This paper documents the AAROH campaign achievments and challenges. 

Source: OXFAM in Action

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