Sex, Rights, Gender in the Age of Climate Change

Sexual and reproductive rights are often missed out of the development equation.4 Reports from the grassroots level tell us that communities affected by climate change perpetuate existing gender norms, and highlight the occurrence of early/child marriage and gender-based violence. This shows that interventions on climate change, including climate extreme events, need to recognise and integrate sexual and reproductive rights. This will increase the agency of women and girls, and enable their autonomy and decision-making on matters pertaining to sexuality and reproduction. Hence the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on climate change are interlinked with the achievements towards gender equality and health.

The author hopes that this brief will shed some light on the nuances of the interlinkages between climate change and sexual and reproductive rights. With the preliminary evidence available, it should hopefully prompt discourse on the connections between sexual and reproductive rights and climate change, as well as further advocacy on inclusion of sexual and reproductive rights in the development agenda. Cross-movement advocacy is needed to foster cohesiveness between the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, with the end objectives of leaving no one behind and building climate resilience

Authors: Lim Hwei Mian and Mangala Namasivayam 

Source: ARROW

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