Summary Report: Dialogue on Women’s Inclusion in Landscape Management in Asia 2014

This report summarizes the discussions and outcomes of the "Regional Dialogue on Women's Inclusion in Landscape Management in Asia", held on 7-9 Oct in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN) in partnership with The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC) and The Forests Dialogue, and with the support of the Stockholm Environment Institute, organized the Dialogue.

The objectives of the Regional Dialogue included:
1. Develop understanding of the current state of women’s exclusion/inclusion in landscape management, and identify the challenges for designing and implementing mechanisms in Asia and internationally;
2. Build a “community of practice” to share experiences and practical approaches and actions that support women’s inclusion in Asia and internationally;
3. Promote women’s inclusion and gender equality in the debate around the future role and value of forests in relation to food, fuel and fibre and contribute to regional approaches of The Forests Dialogue in Asia and internationally.

The Regional Dialogue brought together 40 participants from ten countries (eight from Asia), representing indigenous peoples, local communities, producer organizations, development assistance agencies, forestry departments of national governments, certification bodies, researchers and non-governmental organizations. Among the 40 participants, 33 were women.

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