Underpaid and Undervalued: How Inequality Defines Women's Work in Asia

This report found that women in Asian countries are disproportionately concentrated in the lowest-paid jobs and informal work, lack access to benefits, and shoulder roughly 2.5 times the amount of unpaid domestic and care work as men. The report argues that efforts to address the deep, structural gender inequalities that lead to discrimination and violence against women — whose roles are historically undervalued and therefore paid less, which in turn makes it difficult for women to assert their rights — and advance women's empowerment are essential to ensuring equality and economic progress. To that end, the report recommends that governments and businesses take action to create equal and living wages for women and to recognize, reduce, and redistribute unpaid care work by, among other things, raising the minimum wage, closing the gender pay gap, and providing child and elder care and/or paid family and medical leave.

Source: OXFAM

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