WOCAN's Strategic Plan 2017-2019

WOCAN’s 2017-2019 Strategic Plan intends to not only respond to changes and challenges, but to lead the way in offering new models and award-winning approaches to harness our new realities in service to our mission.Over the next five years, we will assess our highest impact programs and target those for organizational focus, establish them to be best in class, and create multiple entry points for more institutions to step into gender-inclusive futures.

We will broadcast our mission with more intention and creativity, offering authoritative thought leadership in the field and educating influencers to multiply and deepen our message.We will catalyze our vibrant global membership and partners who, together, create the community, opportunities and innovation to meet our shared goals. And, we will adopt new organizational funding and staffing models that respond to our diverse and shifting landscape, to create a sustainable foundation for our work.

Together, we will lead the new reality.



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