Women, Energy, and Economic Empowerment

This report highlights that with a “gender lens” approach to energy access programs, the millions of dollars flowing to energy access initiatives around the globe can have a greater impact on women’s empowerment.The purpose of this report is to reach a common understanding of this linkage and to establish a framework that takes this into account. With such a framework, the millions of dollars owing to energy access initiatives around the globe can have a greater impact on the women and communities they are intended to serve. To investigate this gender-energy nexus, the authors analyzed a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. Our quantitative analysis uses both global indicator databases and national census data to understand the complex relationship between electrification and economic opportunity. This data is supplemented by a series of interviews with women in the developing world that examines the impact of energy on their personal lives and the lives of women in their countries. The report concludes by offering ideas to accelerate benefits to developing nations through a “gender lens” approach to energy access programs.

Authors: Kathleen O’Dell, Sophia Peters & Kate Wharton

Source: Deloitte University Press

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