Women in Fisheries in Asia: 1978-2016

This article on the milestones achieved by women in the fisheries in Asia- Pacific is based on existing material and contributions. The milestones are just a start and are somewhat biased towards research and government agency actions, and contain less than we would like on grassroots action. Part of the lack of grassroots coverage is due to the lack of public visibility, especially on the internet, of women’s grassroots groups and actions. Often, grassroots groups are hosted under national fisheries federations and do not have their own identities, websites and secretariats. Therefore, the present version of the Asia-Pacific milestones could be considered to be a work in progress, and we hope to keep it updated. Your contributions, corrections and comments are welcome.

Authors: Meryl Williams (MerylJWilliams@gmail.com)

Source: ResearchGate 

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