The Policy Advocacy Program is based on analysis of persistent gaps in policy and practice, and the identification of creative practices and successful innovations to overcome inequitable gender relations that create barriers for women. A team of member advocacy experts lead WOCAN's engagement in key global, regional and national processes. They share and disseminate implementation strategies and recommendations that fully integrate women into agricultural development and natural resource management processes. This team is linked with to the Secretariat and Regional Offices, and will directly engage with the Women's Leadership Circles for Agriculture and NRM (WLCAN) to train and coach women leaders of producer groups/associations and organizations to strengthen their capabilities to advocate within their organizations and in national/regional/global forums.

Women’s Leadership Circles for Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WLCAN)

WLCAN is a national level platform to develop women’s leadership, promote regular dialogue between women policy makers/professionals and women farmers/leaders/ entrepreneurs, and to create new spaces for women farmer’s voices to be heard at policy levels. There are regular WLCAN meetings organized in Nepal, South Africa and Kenya, and WOCAN members of Maldives are also planning to organize WLCAN meetings. For more information please check the prezi below and/or download the Guidelines of WLCAN.







December 14, 2012
WOCAN will be working with FAO in 2013 to organize a workshop on “Gender and Climate-Smart Agriculture in ASEAN”. This is a key activity for FAO’s program of support for the ASEAN regional Multi-Sectoral Framework on Climate Change: Agriculture and Forestry towards Food Security (AFCC). Potential partners for the program are: the CGIAR, the ASEAN-German Programme on Response to...
December 11, 2012
Maris Gavino, WOCAN Liaison, attended the FAO Council’s 145th session on 3-7 December 2012 in Rome. The Council is the governing body of FAO, composed of 49 elected member countries having a term of 3 years. The highlights of the session were on i) report of the 39th Committee on World Food Security; ii) Strategy for Partnership with Civil Society; and iii) the theme chosen for 2013 FAO...
November 9, 2012
WOCAN was selected to be one of the few invited Civil Society Observer (CSO) for Climate Investment Fund (CIF) Partnership Forum, held in Istanbul, Turkey from Nov 4-7, 2012. One Nov 4, Nisha Onta attended the eventCivil Society Forum,organized by the CSOs. The Forum opened with the keynote speaker, Myrna Cunningham Kain from Centre for the Indigenous Peoples Autonomy (Nicaragua) addressing...
November 9, 2012
On November 5th, Jeannette Gurung and Nisha Onta, participated the Private Sector Forum at the Climate Investment Fund (CIF), partnership forum in Istanbul, Turkey. The Forum was organized in partnership with Bloomberg New Energy Finance (NEF). The Forum, which met for the first time, is expected to contribute to the CIF 2012 Partnership Forum, which meets on 6-7 November....
November 9, 2012
On November 6, Jeannette spoke at the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) Gender Panel on “Innovations in Engendering Climate Finance.” This event was part of the CIF Partnership Forum held in Istanbul Turkey from Oct 31-Nov 8, 2012.Lucy Wanjiru, Program Specialist, Gender and Environment, UN Development Programme (UNDP); moderated the panel, which brought together the following...
December 2, 2012
Monday Dec 3rd 13:30 – 14:30 - Informal ‘Brownbag Lunch’ Dialogue at COP18 - Diversity and Inclusivity in Decision-Making: Changing the Face of Representation at the UNFCCC Location: EAST FOOD COURT (From main meeting area, walk towards the Spider and make a left) Host: WEDO, Bridget Burns – Grab your lunch and join us for what...
November 30, 2012
The co-chairs of SBI agenda item 21 (other matters*) are holding an open-ended consultations today Friday 30 November from 1:30 to 2:30 PM at the COP18 in Doha. It is open to observer organizations. Please download the attached the draft gender decision proposed by the EU for more info.
November 30, 2012
The co-chairs of SBI agenda item 21 (other matters*) are holding an open-ended consultations today Friday 30 November from 1:30 to 2:30 PM at COP18 in Doha. It is open to observer organizations. Please download the attached Draft gender decision decision proposed by the EU for more info
November 27, 2012
The draft decision Promoting gender equality through improving the participation of women in UNFCCC negotiations and in the representation of Parties in bodies established pursuant to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol (see attached) will be tabled under AOB of the COP plenary this Wednesday morning 28th November 2012. Please help to support this...
November 27, 2012
Nov 27th edition of Outreach focuses on the relationship between gender and climate change.Outreach is a multi-stakeholder publication on climate change and sustainable development produced by Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future.Articles emphasize the need for enhanced female participation in the UNFCCC and gendered mitigation policies, and allude to what women want from Doha....


WOCAN organized a side event in Rio+20 Conference entitled “Women’s Leadership in A Green Economy: Valuing Women’s Contribution”. Five speakers delivered presentations on the case studies from Asia and Africa highlighting the importance of women’s leadership in green economy initiatives.
Indeed, a holistic approach on how to feed the astronomical increase in global population is very important. We commend FAO, as pointed out by COAG during this session, its action plan for national, regional and global level for studies and assessments of natural resources for food and agriculture. While it is recognized that change as regards food production and...
At this crucial time of institutional reform and resource allocation, the agriculture sector must afford women producers recognition and value as primary food producers and environmental managers. The Network of Women Ministers and Leaders in Agriculture is an example of such collective action.